Monday, September 5, 2016

15 Things all Biology Majors Know to be True

1.  What people think when you tell them you are a bio major:

"So you're going to be a biology teacher?"

and the: "Oh... so med school?"

2. Understanding an abstract concept in science gives you that high that no one else understands

3. There are so many possibilities with this degree after college that it's overwhelming

4. You understand those science cat jokes

      ...and laugh at them

5. Physics?!
    you still aren't completely sure why it is a "requirement"

6.  You actually chemically understand the concept of that trendy micellar water

Dangit... why didn't I invent that?

7. During orgo lab, having fun pretending to make meth a la Breaking Bad

8. Organic chemistry has been the bane of your existence

and made you think about switching majors more than once.

9. Your friends in other majors just don't understand the miracle it is to have gotten an 'A' on that last exam

AND it wasn't even curved.

10.  Foreign Professors

Pretending to understand them at office hours like:

11. Getting upset/annoyed when someone says something that isn't biologically or anatomically correct.

12.  The truth is, this major drives you insane when you've got a demanding one credit lab, 3 exams in a week so you've been perpetually studying all week, not to mention that exciting orgo lab report due at midnight and those research volunteering hours you need to get in.

and your friends are wondering:

props to ya!

13. But also owning this crazy mess because you got this and you're pretty smart

but mostly because it's your last year and you're in this mess too deep to give up now

14. ...and also bragging rights.

15. And finally owning the fact that you are a nerd

and because smart = hot


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