Friday, January 6, 2017

10 Ways to Prep for the New Semester

Before the start of each semester I like to prep by organizing my things and space so that as soon as the first day comes around I have a lot less things to worry about. It saves me a lot of time and a headache later on in the semester. Below I am sharing the little rituals I do before the start of each semester.

Clear Computer Space

You don't want your laptop running slow just because it got too full. It's that boring thing you got to do that you'll be glad you took care of now.

Organize your Desk

Start by placing only things on your desk that will help you study. Take away anything that will distract you.

Make Folders for Each Class

I generally like to keep a physical folder for each class I am taking to collect all the handouts from my classes accessible and most importantly keep the syllabus handy.

It also helps to make folders on your laptop as well to collect all your work throughout the semester. Besides who knows, that research you did for one essay might help you out on another project in the future.

Get Something New

Who doesn't enjoy something new!  Why not grab something fun for class that you've been eyeing.  Some ideas: post-it dispenser, novelty flash drive, Starbucks credit, or a memo board.

Prep your Bag

Keep it simple and pack the essentials that you'll need for class. You don't want to carry more weight than you need to. Also don't forget to put back up cash in your bag in case of an emergency. 20 dollars should do!

Get an Agenda

Write in your class info inside the front cover like: class times and locations. Next take a look at your school's academic calendar to know your days off and deadlines for important things like when tuition is due. 

Plan Your Typical Week Schedule

For the first week plan what typical activities will occur. Start by blocking out the time for things that are recurring like class, work and volunteering. Then sprinkle in the fun events and plans throughout the week so that you have something to look forward to everyday. The rest of the empty spaces can then be filled in with what ever else you would like to see get done in a week: the study time, free time, workouts, that new year resolution etc.

Prep Closet

If you are someone who takes a while to get ready in the morning consider putting your essentials and favorite go to pieces in the front. It takes me significantly less time to get ready for class and I know I won't have to fuss about my clothing choices later.

Have a Set Space for School Things Only

I have a specific drawer just for school things. This is mostly for the purposes of not loosing important class things. I make this an effortless habit so that I don't get caught in lab without goggles later!


Also for my commuter readers, don't forget an oil change and carwash! So important!

I'd love to hear your before the semester rituals in the comments below!


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