Thursday, September 22, 2016

3 Ways to Keep You Motivated Through the Rest of 2016

If you're starting to feel that mid-semester slump put that attitude on the back burner right now and try to do one of these three things instead! While keeping motivated definitely makes tackling your classes less stressful it's okay to realize you need to take a break and keep fueling your motivation too. We all can't be perfect bundles of energy and happiness, ok?

1. Friends/Family/Mentors

Surround yourself by those who love you and want to see you succeed wether it be your family, your friends or a mentor. It is also so uplifting to be around others who are going through the same classes as you and are sharing similar experiences as you. On those days when you are not feeling as motivated as ever keep your friends and family close and remember you've got people who are cheering you on! Your family might likely remind you of why you wanted to take on the task of going to college too. I know mine does!

~ Keep favorite pictures on your desk or Facetime a friend

2. Appreciation

There is something to be said about the power of gratitude. It makes you stop and realize all the quiet things in between that we can at times (dare I say) take for granted. In a way appreciation is like planting a small seed to grow happiness. I know, super cheesy, but it couldn't be truer!

And best of all happiness is contagious!

~ Write down one thing, big or small, every day that you appreciate

If you need more inspiration I like this video from TEDx on Project 365 Days of Gratitude

3. Setting Goals

You can truly accomplish anything you set your mind on. Every semester I like to come up with new goals that I am certain I can accomplish throughout the semester because either one of two things happens. A: you accomplish your goal and feel great! or B: You don't accomplish it, but turn it into a chance to see how you can invest more time in yourself. It's absolutely not too late to put down a few goals for the semester, just make sure you write them down somewhere where you can seem them often like an agenda or pinboard.

One of my goals this semester? To schedule more time for myself

 If making goals is something that stresses you out, make baby goals, as in complete a small task that is something you can do today towards accomplishing the main goal. A baby goal can be something simple like going to bed an hour early or knocking out just 2 homework problems.

I keep my motivation going by sharing my goals with my friends.

So how do you keep the motivation going?

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